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Placement Training

                        A covetable profession is indeed the aspiration of every student and so as to make the students achieve their dream, placement training has become a part of the curriculum from the very first year of the graduation.

                   Students get a chance to learn and cultivate the skills that are prerequisite to clinch a job today. We create awareness among the students about the importance of technical prowess along with English competency. Podium panic is a reality for several students even in their final year and hence opportunity is given to each and every student to literally use the podium and microphone to overcome all their stage freight.

                        Language learning becomes an enthralling experience for the students as we adopt the strategy of blending learning with fun.  Language games, puzzles, crosswords are some of the activities. Besides, students get a chance to listen to speeches of great speakers like Abdul kalam, Shiv Kera, Kiran Bedi and many more. We provide a platform for the students to listen to the accent of native speakers of English which aides them in speaking unaccented English and improve their pronunciation. We motivate and persuade the students to take active role in mock interviews, debates, and group discussions.

                   All these activities help students gain confidence and resilience and face the interview as competent employers. In addition to the employability of the students we aim at making them best personalities and individuals who will serve their country righteously.

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