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Science and Humanities - Facilities

  • Vibrant 2016 - Inaugural function 2016-2017
  • Innovation Center
  • Lighting 'Kuthuvilakku' - First year Inaugural function 2014-2015
  • Science Expo - Drama from Literature
  • Science Expo - Exhibit


The Physics laboratory occupies an area of 660 sq.ft. Laboratories are well equipped with latest equipments. It is equipped with latest instruments like Laser kit, Fibre optical source, Travelling microscope, Ultrasonic interferometer, Spectrometer, Lee’s disc apparatus, Hysterisis apparatus, Band gap of semiconductor, Carey foster’s bridge and Torsional pendulum. With these tools physics laboratory provides an experimental foundation for the theoretical concepts introduced in the lectures. 


The Chemistry laboratory occupies an area of 660 sq.ft. It is well equipped with latest equipments such as Electronic Balance, pH Meter, Conductivity meter, Potentiometer, Spectrophotometer, Flame photometer, Platinum Electrode, Calomel Electrode, Hot Plate, Air Oven, Distillation unit, Heating Mantle, Ostwald Viscometer, Glass electrode, Stop watch, Glass wares and flame photometer.  Students gain a sound knowledge on the functioning of these equipments in the laboratory.

Language Lab

Language Lab is located in Thirupathi Naidu Block with state of the art facilities. There are 65 computers with headphones and microphones. All the computers have internet connection.  Students utilize these facilities to enhance their communication and soft skills. Language lab provides practice in an entertaining and interactive way to acquire the 4 main language skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing in connection with their personality traits.


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