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To achieve higher level of perfection in Petrochemical Engineering Education and Research and be known globally through producing dynamic graduates  to meet the needs of humanities, industries and scientific communities by adhering efficiently to the ethical principles and social values.



  • To provide Engineers with quality engineering education to meet the challenging and developing technology in the petrochemical sectors.
  • To provide individuals with strong leadership qualities and entrepreneurship knowledge to solve the problems in commercializing the research findings.


The Petrochemical undergraduate program attempts to prepare entry level professionals and make a successful entry to conquering world of         Petrochemical industry. This program has following educational objectives:

  • To groom the students to be a successful in Petrochemical Engineering. Also prepare them to focus on new technological areas such as Petroleum, Chemical, Environmental, Material Science, Energy and Nanotechnology applications.
  • Shape the students to be more analytic, originative and innovative thinking along with excellent problem solving skills. Also engage them to improve their communication skills both in oral and written and ability to work with team globally.
  • Encourage the students to perform research and development with safety and environment involvement. Educate them to design and develop new and better processes and equipment in innovative way.
  • Encourage the students to constantly update their knowledge and skills in order to cope up with Technical advancement in petrochemical research and recent trends of competitive petro chemical industry.
  • Educate the students with high professionalism and to Create applications of Petrochemical Engineering to solve real-life problems in a broad range of career path to fulfill Ethical, Economical, Environmental and Social Responsibilities.



On successful completion of Under Graduate in Petrochemical Engineering Program, the Graduates will have,

  • An ability to apply their knowledge of Science, Mathematics and other Engineering’s in multiple areas of Petrochemical.
  • An ability use state of art Technology and skills in the competitive Industry.
  • An ability to Design and conduct Experiments, and to analyze and interpret data, and synthesis of information to provide valid conclusions.
  • An ability to design and perform research.
  • An ability to design a system or process for economic and environment.
  • An ability to communicate efficaciously.
  • An ability to work with cross culture disciplines.
  • An ability to understand ethical and social responsibility.
  • An ability to undergo the continuous learning process.
  • An ability to work as a member of multi-disciplinary teams & have an understanding of team leadership to manage projects and in multidisciplinary Environments.
  • An ability to demonstrate the knowledge of important contemporary issues in the world as they relate to Engineering.
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