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Vice Chairman’s Message

Mr. B. Raghavendran                              
Vice Chairman                                        
SVS College of Engineering    

SVS College of Engineering has proved its esteem by providing highly innovative program in an industry oriented, professional and competitive mindset to fulfill the aspirations of the students and to blend the work experiences of engineers with updated news based curriculum in Engineering.

In SVS, the students are trained in various industries so that knowledge gained in the academic institute is fruitfully utilized. In this regard, I would welcome the industries in India and abroad to come forward and train our students which enables us to produce competent engineers and scientists with good human values.

I am proud of the milestones achieved by the college within a short span of time and look at the future with optimism and confidence. I am in no doubt that the collaboration between industry and academics would strengthen by interaction and utilization of knowledge of budding Engineering Professionals. 

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